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"Chinese College Student Entrepreneurship Open Class Social Charity”

In order to respond to the State Council’s “implementation of development strategies to expand employment, promoting entrepreneurship to create jobs” and to help more students achieve entrepreneurial dreams, ChinaNet has set up a Chinese business students fund to specially support the China Social Welfare Education Foundation. ChinaNet, the first donor, has also planned to donate over CNY10 million to Welfare Charity within three years, which will be dedicated to a series of “Chinese College Students Entrepreneurship Lecture” activities that will be co-sponsored by the National Federation, the Ministry of Education, the CYL Central committee, the United Front Work Department, the Human Resources and Social Security Department, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Based on the foundation of entrepreneurship campus tours, ChinaNet will organize series activities, such as college student entrepreneurship competitions and college student entrepreneurship excellent selection and promotion. ChinaNet will promote entrepreneurship education and help more college students to achieve employment targets and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

Sponsored Qinghai College Entrepreneurship Design Competition

ChinaNet sponsored in 2009 – 2010 the first “Qinghai College Entrepreneur Design Competition”. Many provincial college students participated in the competition including over 2000 students in preliminary round training. The competition received a total of 322 entries works and 1,500 participants. The participants included provincial college students from Qinghai, provincial college students outside Qinghai, Western region, Qingnan program, graduates teaching baton plans and other types of youth volunteers and village cadre. The majority of young students showed enthusiasm, involvement and high performance in the competition.

After the preliminaries and semi-finals, a final selection of 10 teams went into the final based on entrepreneurship, practicality, and effectiveness, in-line with national and Qinghai Provincial industrial technology standards, high level of innovation, and strong scientific and technological marketing competitiveness. These teams were awarded the grand prize first, second and third.

Qinghai government also held youth entrepreneurship report meetings and entrepreneurship navigation lectures to expand the concepts of entrepreneurs, provide college students with entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and education to achieve better social effects.

In order to promote Western education and science development, ChinaNet promised to sponsor the next four sessions of Qinghai Collegiate Student Entrepreneur Design competitions in the next four years to make our contribution, and assist collegiate student to achieve employment goals and entrepreneur dreams.

Contributions and Donations to People in Earthquakes, Landslides and Other Natural Disasters

When faced with a 5.12 WenChuan Earthquake, southwestern severe drought, and severe landslides in Zhouqu in Gansu, ChinaNet initiated several donations to the people and the elementary school of migrant worker’s children in the stricken area to fulfill ChinaNet’s corporate social responsibility.

Care and Support for Autistic Children

ChinaNet has been supporting the Autistic Children Salvation Program which is funded by China Social Welfare Foundation since 2011. Through the platform of the Autistic Children Salvation Fund, more people have a chance to understand autism and also have a way to help those unfortunate children with art therapy. Autistic Children has a platform to display and sell their artistic creations and derivatives for charity, which helps them not only to build their self-esteem but also to realize their social value.